Equipment That’s Built to Last

Posted on: March 27th, 2014 by John MacKenzie
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When selecting the right in-home fitness equipment, it’s important to consider the durability of the product and its ability to meet short and long-term needs. While these qualities usually mean a higher price tag, your fitness investment is worth that reflection in the mirror

An important (and often neglected) financial consideration is the cost of ownership. For example, there are several treadmill models on the market with very low prices. But, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Paying more for fitness equipment translates to increased durability, less downtime, reduced chance of injury and a better overall workout.

In some cases, the lifespan of two or three lower-priced products add up to the single lifespan of higher quality equipment. Life Fitness likes to boast our product durability through the Mileage Club, which rewards users for their loyalty and commitment to exercise.

Good fitness equipment should grow with you. When you see an increase in your abilities, you should be getting stronger and running longer – premium fitness technology can help you get there. Some say they don’t need the bells and whistles, but fail to see where their workouts will be in one year, three years, and 10 years.

If you buy a piece of equipment for your fitness level now, you might outgrow it and stop using it – resulting in a long-term goal shortfall. As your fitness level increases, you require more challenging programming. For instance, you may want to start running outside.

With the LFConnect app, you can track your runs on your treadmill or via GPS on the mobile app. This is just one example of how equipment with connected technology can keep up with your needs.

Life Fitness equipment is created for years of use. Structurally, our home and commercial equipment is built with unmatched durability and design. Technologically, USB ports on our Track+ Consoles and Discover Tablet Consoles ensure you can have the latest version of software or mobile app connectivity for Android and iOS platforms.

The end result: both you and your equipment stay relative longer. Even if it means paying more up front, it’s worth it for higher safety, quality and durability – and it means you reach your goals in both the present moment and the future.

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