Fit Tip: Make The Most of Your Gym During the Cold Months

Posted on: February 18th, 2015 by jmack
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So you enjoy your cardio workout in the sweet sunshine of the spring and summer months to get your sweat on? But what happens when winter puts a temporary freeze on your outdoor routine?

Stop shivering, and head inside. Gyms and fitness centers are popular for a reason; they work!

If you don’t already belong to a gym…

Don’t get sucked into a 12-month gym contract that you’ll never use once the sun comes back out. Instead, explore short-term options that will help you stay in shape during snowy months.

  • ClassPass is a new month-to-month “membership” that allows you to take up to 3 classes at any partner studio each month in your city. That means you can take a kickboxing class today, a hot yoga class tomorrow, and an aerial yoga class next week. Your workout options are endless.
  • Check out smaller boutique fitness studios in your area that offer month-to-month packages or a pay-by-the-class format. You never know, you might fall in love with that little gym on your block that you always run past.
  • Scan sites like Groupon for discounts to gyms in your area. The deals are often only a few months long and cost less than traditional memberships.

If you do belong to a gym…

Make the most of it! Get over the winter blues and beat boredom by maxing out your gym’s full potential.

  • Most fitness centers offer one free personal training session. Sign-up and have the trainer show you how to use machines or equipment you are unfamiliar with or curious about trying. The more you know, the more varied your indoor workouts will be.
  • The saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” applies to group fitness classes. Group fitness is not your mother’s dance aerobics. Formats have changed and group fitness offers circuits, boot camps and spinning. You might just find that your new favorite way to sweat is with 30 other people in the room!
  • Check out the latest in cardio fitness equipment. If it’s been a few years since you’ve been in the gym you may be surprised at the newest treadmills, ellipticals and rowing machines equipped with entertainment centers and fun predesigned workouts.
  • Explore the amenities you never use but are still included in your membership cost. The rock climbing wall and lap pool are both great ways to cross-train for your summertime activities.

See. We told you winter workouts aren’t all that bad!


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