Four Tips of Motivation

Posted on: January 9th, 2015 by jmack
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Accomplishing your fitness goals no matter who you are will take consistency, drive, mental toughness and above all the motivation within yourself to conquer such a feat. The following are four motivational tips that will get you ready to surpass your own expectations.

Do It Now!

You can dream about your goals, desires, and achievements you have yet to accomplish all you want, but the only way they will ever get close to becoming something tangible, is to start working on them.

Analyzing every little aspect of a plan to minimize risk will only prolong the inevitable moment where you will have to jump into the deep end to make your goal happen. Don’t allow yourself to be that person who keeps saying “One day I’ll be there”. Take action towards your goal now.

A great example is when people see a wild fire engulf a whole mountain side yet don’t realize that it all started with a little spark.

Start your spark!

Know Your “Why!”

You need to dig deep and find out what is creating this urge to accomplish your goal. You may want to lose weight or run a half marathon, but why?

Once you identify your why, you need to hold on to that with an iron grip. Despite your “plan”, there will be unforeseen adversities in your near future that will do everything in its power to make you fail. Challenges you will come across will cloud your vision of your goal and attempt to make you lose sight of your “why.”

Know your “why.” That is your true north and will guide you through to accomplish what you set out to do originally.

Set a Deadline!

Setting a deadline for yourself is crucial. This keeps your goal a time sensitive issue. Creating a due date for your goal makes you treat every second you have leading up to that point more preciously than if you didn’t have a set date. If you are serious about making something from nothing you need to set an expectation of when it will happen. Hold yourself accountable by establishing this deadline.

Once you have decided on it, don’t change it! Be realistic with your time table (no one is going to lose 50 lbs in 5 days) but don’t set the bar too low (losing 5 pounds in 2 years). Commit yourself to the date and do whatever you can between now and then to get closer to where you want to be.

Follow the 1% Rule!

You will not get better by leaps and bounds and be the awesome hero you think you are. At first you will see big changes, but later on it will take hard work and dedication to make subtle changes which can easily demoralize the best of us.

Once you get to that point you must set your mind to getting 1% better each day. If you worked out for 35 minutes the first time and then 36 minutes the next day that’s a good thing. If you ran 2 miles one day and ran 2.5 miles the next day that’s great! If you ate clean except for your dinner and desert one day and the next you ate clean except for dessert that is totally fine!

The key is to consistently hit that 1% improvement marker each day. When you are adamant about your goal and focused on making small improvements each day, the change you will see once you lift up your head and see how far you have gone since you started your journey will be immense.

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