Introducing Small Group Training to the Athletic Training Circuit

Posted on: March 27th, 2014 by John MacKenzie
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Small group training was named one of 2013’s hottest fitness trends, and as it looks to keep that title through 2014, I think it’s important to examine the facets that make it a hit for exercisers of every ability level.

Small group training consists of six to eight people working cohesively under the guidance of a trainer, with customization options that accomplish both strength and cardio goals. A major reason for its effectiveness is that exercise motivation thrives through group membership accountability, says the American College of Sports Exercise.

Life Fitness’ SYNRGY360 is a great example of effective small group training. SYNRGY360 accommodates users from all fitness backgrounds and lets them accomplish a variety of workout goals through rotating stations such as cable motion, boxing space and rebounders. While SYNRGY360 is ideal for small group training exercise, many are wondering if any small group training units accommodate the needs of performance training. Thanks to Hammer Strength, the answer is a resounding yes.

Hammer Strength has defined rugged and challenging small group performance training with its HD Elite rack system. With instruction from certified trainers and the use of stations such as bench press, squats, chin-ups and dips, athletes now have the ability to use the science behind small group training and apply it to performance training. The end result: increased strength capacity and toughness, without the risk of injury through tactical performance training.

Here’s What HD Elite Offers:

• Full-Body Workout:

Group strength training with HD Elite ignites full-body workouts for the performance training results exercisers need to succeed.

• Over 100 Exercises:

Life Fitness Academy trainers have created an extensive list of exercises that can be used with HD Elite. No matter what muscle group you’re looking to hit, HD Elite will make sure it can be pushed to the limit.

• Motivation and Accountability:

Training with a group bolsters the competitive drive to achieve peak performance and the cooperative mindset to produce for the team. In small group performance training, everyone is accountable to become the best they can be.

Athletic training-focused small group training can take many forms, one of which is Hammer Strength’s versatile HD Elite rack.


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