The 36″ long roll is offered in a firm density and is recommended for the intermediate and advanced user. The foam roller is 36″ long and has a diameter of 6″. Can also be used for self myofascial massage.

How to Choose a Foam Roller
In general, the denser the muscle tissue you are trying to target, the denser the foam roller you’ll need. Upgrading to a denser foam roller is a sure way to bring some intensity to your deep-tissue massage sessions.

For most beginners, for areas of not-so-dense muscle tissue, and for those who want a slightly gentler deep-tissue massage, the white 6″x36″ foam roller is the way to go.
For beginners who aren’t afraid of a little extra (good) pain, for those with dense muscle tissue, and for those who can no longer work trigger points with lower-density foam rollers, the black (blue) 6″x36″ Foam Roller is the way to go.

Do foam rollers wear out?
Yes. After regular use of two to three months, foam rollers will become slightly mushier and less-effective. You will be pleasantly surprised how refreshingly intense it can be to replace your foam roller.