A winning bike can only come about through relentless research and development; this is certainly the case with the E-118, with its aero frameset developed with wind tunnel work as well as CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) aero modeling, a process usually associated with aeronautics and F1 racing. These tests gave the designers an extremely accurate understanding of airflow around every part of the bike, leading to maximum aero efficiency in every aspect. Using an identical protocol, the E-118 showed aero improvements over the E-114 ranging from 5 to 20%, depending on yaw angle.


Since the rider rather than the bike generates approximately 70% of total drag, we took a digital 3D “sampling” of a triathlon champion pedaling the bike and included this moving shape in the computer model, to further refine the shapes required for the cleanest possible airflow.  These data and the resulting assumptions were then tested and confirmed in an actual wind tunnel, netting us an end result that you’ll be able to fully appreciate at the finish line of your next Ironman!

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