Finally, a reason to sit up and take notice of substantial abdominal results
made possible by the Body-Solid GAB300 Semi-Recumbent Ab Bench.

By putting you in position to isolate different regions of your abdominal
muscles, the GAB300 puts you in the driver”s seat for a controlled workout.
Perform ab crunches and knee raises, independently or in tandem, as you conduct
a comfortable workout from a biometrically correct position.

With the ability to adapt to users” changing fitness needs, the GAB300
delivers an efficient workout for both beginners and advanced users. For
beginners, the counterbalance option helps you master the exercise movement. As
your abdominal strength builds, you can increase resistance by adding weights
for a productive and challenging workout, limited only by your own increasing
endurance and strength.

When it gets down to crunch time, the GAB300 Semi-Recumbent Ab Bench is the
choice for those serious about establishing and maintaining six-pack abs and
well developed obliques. Use your gut instincts and buy the best…Body-Solid.


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