The CrossBox Power Rack is fully customizable with any of our CrossBox pieces and can function as an evolving gym centerpiece as you progress your training regimen. This high-quality piece of equipment will satisfy athletes, fitness enthusiasts and weekend warriors. Take advantage of this package price and get started on your fitness routine today! All rig hardware is also included

CrossBox Power Rack Rigs starting at $899.00 for a stand alone Rig (bolting to the floor not necessary)

Rig shown includes

Optional Rig Layouts are available with
               -90”, 108” or 144” uprights
               -24” or 30” width Cross Beams
Optional Attachments for the Cross Boxes are
               -Big Beam Safety Catches 30” or 43”       $125.00
               -43” Triple Pull up bar                                   $79.00
               -43” Multi-Grip Pull up bar                          $89.00
               -Dip Attachment                                             $99.00
               -Safety Spotter Arms                                    $99.00
               -43” Fat Skinny 1.25” x 1.5” Bar                 $79.00
               -Flying Bar Attachment                                 $239.00
               -Wall Ball Target                                              $59.00
               -Plate Storage Pin 13”                                    $25.00
               -Landmine Attachment                                $49.00
               -Battle Rope Anchor                                       $29.00

-Please contact fitworks to help customize the right Crossbox rig for you