COREFX Strength Bands are one of the most versatile and useful strength and conditioning tools that trainers have at their disposal. Every COREFX Strength Band can be used to add resistance to or help with stretching, lifting and body-weight training exercises. Strength Bands can also be used to assist movements like chin ups, pull ups and dips.

Each COREFX Strength Band is precisely manufactured to be 41″ in length and 3/16″ thick. The width of each Strength Band will vary based on the resistance level. On top of this, only premium-grade natural rubber has been used to create these Strength Bands through a revolutionary continuous-layering process to maximize the durability of each Strength Band.


COREFX 2.5″ Blue Strength Band   $64.95   Item # GM-SBHEA

COREFX 1.75″ Green Strength Band   $49.95    Item # GM-SBBLM

COREFX 1.5″ Orange Strength Band   $42.95   Item # GM-SBLIGHT

COREFX 1.125″ Purple Strength Band   $34.95   Item # GM-SBXLI

COREFX 1″ Black Strength Band   $29.95   Item # GM-STBA2

COREFX 0.5″ Red Strength Band   $19.95    Item # GM-SBXXLI


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