Total PT Solution
Cost effective and customizable, TRX FORCE is everything your unit needs. From the portable Tactical Suspension Trainer to indoor/outdoor Training Zones to workout programs and education specifically designed for the military, TRX can provide turnkey solutions or be combined with any training modality to enable a more accessible, effective, portable solution.

For Anyone, Anywhere
TRX Suspension Training bodyweight exercise leverages a user’s own bodyweight as resistance. Since the difficulty of the exercises is determined by the person’s position relative to the anchor point, all exercises can be scaled to any fitness level. This enables your PT stars to workout alongside your less conditioned tactical athletes using the same movements and training tools, building team camaraderie in the process.

Once your unit is familiar with TRX Training, they can take their PT with them down range, on leave, or anywhere else, eliminating any excuse to not train.

A Portable Zone for Functional Fitness
With the TRX FORCE Training Zone, you receive a full day of onsite Suspension Training instruction, Tactical Suspension Trainers and an all-weather, steel S-Frame for anchoring, pull-ups, dips, monkey bars and more. The frame has wheels so you can easily move it outdoors or indoors.

Additional Photos

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