The Hottest Trend in Fitness: The Great Outdoors

Posted on: March 27th, 2014 by John MacKenzie
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In 2014, the hottest trends in fitness will be directly under the sun. Why go outside? Research indicates that moderate exposure to sunlight can increase your mood, boost your Vitamin D intake and propel your sweat count. Plus, a healthy dose of fresh air is invigorating for all involved. My advice – put on your sunscreen, strap on some Ray-Bans, and prepare to perspire with these great new outdoor fitness trends!

Trend #1 – Outdoor Small Group Training. Small group training consists of six to eight exercisers working cohesively under the guidance of a trainer, rotating around a series of customizable stations. Workouts can be catered to hit cardio, strength, endurance or performance training, similar in function to boot camp training. In 2014, look for more and more exercisers to bring their small group workouts into the great outdoors.

Trend #2 – Bodyweight Training. Without the need of gym equipment or a structured facility, bodyweight training is a full-body workout that’s easy to learn, all-terrain and economically viable. Classic moves such as push-ups and pull-ups can be combined with trendy techniques such as planks, burpees and bench hops. What’s more – many of these techniques can be applied to small group workouts.

Trend #3 – Bike Commuting. Want to help the environment, get a great workout and soak in some rays? Join the happily growing ranks of bike commuters. Due to increased technology, better equipment and a readymade infrastructure, riding your bike to work is easier and smarter than ever. Plus, it makes you feel positive and active during your workday, instead of static and sedentary. Reasons for the infrastructure boom are twofold: smartphone-enabled bikes help users stay connected, while big city bike-sharing programs make these two-wheel stalwarts cheap and readily available. Ride on!

Trend #4 – Activity Training. Many personal trainers are adding specific outdoor activities and sports as part of their clients’ training programs. The benefits – outdoor-specific tasks like canoe, kayak, Ruck March and athletic sports frequently work both cardio and strength, all while improving coordination and concentration.

If the weather is nice, try one of these outdoor trends or even invent your own! You’ll feel better, get some sun and introduce a little fresh-aired variety into your life.

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